IRIS Inc. (the “Company”) recognizes the importance of your personal information obtained through its businesses, considers the protection of your personal information as a social obligation, complies with applicable laws and ordinances and is committed to handle it properly.

1. Basic Principles regarding Protection of Personal Information

Both the Company’s executives and employees endeavor to protect and properly handle your personal information. The Company ensures that such information is utilized properly, doing its utmost to secure against unauthorized access, loss or leakage of personal information.

2. Obtaining Personal Information

The Company does not collect or use your personal information without your consent. Even when the Company asks you for your consent, it specifies the purpose(s) and scope of use in advance and uses only within the scope of your consent. Furthermore, when acquiring data including your personal information from third parties, the Company makes proper contracts with them to protect your personal information.

3. Use of Personal Information

The Company uses your personal information only within the scope necessary to implement and enhance our services. When the Company proposes using your personal information for any purposes for which you have not given consent, it obtains your consent for such purposes in advance.

4. Security Control Measures

The Company safeguards your personal information under the strict control. It appoints a manager responsible for the protection of your personal information in an effort to secure it properly.

5. Providing to Third Parties

When the Company subcontracts the processing of your personal information to third parties, it does so only with your consent and the adequate supervision to the third parties.

6. Disclosure of and Inquiry about Personal Information

If you have any request or inquiry about the source or the method of obtaining by the Company of your personal information, please contact the inquiry desk below. The inquiry desk will inform you about the procedure and the fee. When contacted, the inquiry desk will confirm your identity or your agent’s authority.

7. Compliance

The Company complies with applicable laws and standards.

8. Obtaining Information which does not enable the identification of the specific individual

When providing its services, the Company assigns a random ID comprised of a string of characters (“Unique ID”) to each browser used by a user and saves it in the cookie of that browser in order to distinguish users.

Also the Company collects the following data (collectively referred as “Behavior Data”. Unique ID and Behavior Data are collectively referred as “Behavior Information”), through its services.

  1. Behavior history and attributes of a user in the website that is using the Company’s services (“Website”)
  2. Attributes of a user to which the advertisement is served with the Company’s services

More specifically, the Company collects the following Behavior Information. Unique ID is randomly assigned to each browser, meaning that the following information is never combined with data which can identify an individual.

  1. Unique ID saved in the cookie
  2. Date and time the user visits the Website or the advertisement is served to the user
  3. URL of the Website the user visits
  4. Referrer of the user’s visit to the Website
  5. Client IP address
  6. User agent of the browser

The information collected by the Company is used for the following purposes.

  1. Market analysis and marketing
  2. Behavioral targeting advertisement
  3. Provision to third parties (as electronic data) in order to achieve the purposes of 1 to 2 above

9. Continuous Improvement of this Privacy Policy

The Company makes a continuous effort to enhance its internal system for handling the collected information by updating this privacy policy in response to changes of social demands.

10. Opt-out

For the information about the privacy policy and the opt-out of behavioral targeting advertisement of the companies cooperating in the Company’s service, please visit the following links.

11. Inquiries

Please contact us for any inquiries in relation to the contents of this privacy policy.